Friday, February 20, 2009


Why is it whenever I lay Taylar down for a nap, regardless of what time, my neighbor decides that is the time to let her kid run back and forth in front of Taylar's room making lots and lots of noise?

Why is it I feel guilty for things I really shouldn't feel guilty for. Like having other plans and not being able to make it to a family event. When someone tells me they are disapointed or feelings are hurt I can't help but feel terrible.

Why is it as soon as I get pregnant and know I am going to get huge, they come out with the cutest NON summer maternity clothes I've seen in ages?

Why are people so dang judgemental. I called up to make an appointment with WIC today and the lady on the phone was SO blatently rude to me i couldn't help but be snarky back. Listen you stupid cow, just because someone is calling for some financial assistance doesn't make them beneath you, white trash, or someone you can talk to however you want (especially considering the ENTIRE country is in financial crisis)

When you tell someone you will call them back in 10 minutes, CALL THEM BACK IN 10 MINUTES. I hate waiting for a phone call that I'm supposed to have returned only to get it 5 hours later!!!

these are my gripes for today. (its a bad day can you tell)

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Meghan N Brady said...

You liked out office are work? We actually got it done in about a half an hour. Sorry you are having a bad day. Hopefully you will have a great weekend!