Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I almost died last night

last night I think Taylar gave me a mini heart attack. I came home from work about 12:30 and went into Taylar's room to check on her like I always do. Only she wasn't in her bed! I looked around her room and didn't see her anywhere. I saw that my bedroom door was closed and it is usually open when Joey goes to bed so I thought she must be in bed with her daddy. I went in there, but no Taylar. I started to panick. i woke Joe up and told him I couldn't find Taylar. I walked around the house and still could not find her. I went back into her room and turned on the light and still no sign of Tay. As visions of police coming to my house to find my missing toddler and accusations that I somehow had something to do with it flowed through my mind, I called her name a couple time and suddenly I see some movement from UNDER her bed. She has never gone under her bed before. She must have been playing under there after Joey put her to bed and gotten to tired to move. I swear no one can scare you like your child.

Also is anyone else experiencing major Spring Fever? I'm dying for green grass, flowers, warm weather, flips flops, etc.


Aubrey said...

My goodness Taylar...give her a little spank from mw for scarying you like that! I HATE that feeling so much. But I am glad she as okay.

I love your new background, so cute for St. Patties Day!

We are super excited for saturday to see you guys, is Rich coming down too I hope?

Melissa Mae said...

oh my GOSH. I hate that feeling. It's the worst. Just move to Arizona and you won't have spring fever :)