Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm in desperate need for some new Recipes for my family for dinner. We eat the same things over and over. Anyone tried some new recipes that are kid friendly that they want to share?


Aubrey said...

First, your lemonade theme is adorable!

Second, I don't know if I am the right person for kid friendly recipes since my daughter will eat nothing but grilled cheese, shrimp, yogurt, or mac n cheese! But I have found that this site/show

is wonderful! I have their big cookbook and have been using it almost every night since I got it! The recipes are simple and soooo tasty! I also love that Mormon Cookbook your Grandma Williams bought us a few years back, so great! The biggest thing I have learned with cooking is to keep in simple, let the food be. Too much always seems to spoil it. Anyway, the Everyday Food link it great. I love watching them cook on Saturday mornings. You can also get their little magazine at the store. I made the rhubarb chutney for the ham at my Scentsy party, it was way good! I think what I also love about the magazine and book is that they share cooking basics. The May magazine had an article about how to cut up a whole chicken, what the cuts were for and different recipes to cook each one. It was great! Wow, once again I am blabbing and being a know-it-all, sorry I am trying not to do that. So there you go that is my advice. I can email you a list of my favorites from the Mormon Cookbook if you would like, let me know. And goooood luck!

Matt and Sarah Joseph said...

Here's a good one:

1. Get bowl out of cupboard
2. Fill bowl 3/4 full with Marshmallow Matey's
3. Add 2-3 cups milk
4. Eat with largest spoon you can find

I have this about 10 times a week and I never get sick of it.

Anonymous said...

Check out this blog if you all the way to the bottom there are soooooo many links to meal planning that comes with recipes. It's great.

Here is another one

Hope this helps.

Karie said...

I don't know about kid-friendly, but my college friends and I have started a recipe blog where all the recipes are tried and true. So here's the address:

Then there are a few other recipe blogs that I check out frequently:

Good luck! Enjoy!