Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Baby's all grown.

My baby is no longer a baby. Joey and I set up the crib in Taylar's room yesterday because I have no where to store all of our actual baby stuff right now and so I thought I would just store it in the crib, plus I wanted to make sure both beds fit okay and look alright in that room. After he got done setting it up, Taylar walked over and looked inside the crib, she was peering over the top while standing almost flat foot on the floor. It made me all sad and nostaligic thinking of the days when she was just learning to stand up in her crib, etc. We didn't even move her out of it until last August!!! Its amazing how much she's grown up in less than a year. I'm so excited to have her grow and learn, but so sad that my first baby is no longer a baby.

Also I know its way early to be nesting, but everyone who was pregnant at the same time as me (minus the ones actually due in sept with me) have all had their babies. Its making me excited and anxious to welcome this little boy. Oh real quick, if anyone has a baby bath they don't want anymore, let me know I'll take it off your hands.


Aubrey said...

Oh, this made me cry. Little Taylar! I have a baby bath that is just collecting dust so I will bring it down one of these Sundays for you and little Austin! By the time I need it again I am sure he will have outgrown it! He will probably be needing it for his own kids the rate we are going.....*sigh*

Heather said...

I know. She is getting so old. Its the same with Caitlyn though, I can't believe she is going to be in kindergarten this year!!!

If I could borrow the bath that would be FANTASTIC and I promise to get it back to you. I just really don't want to buy one and we only use it for the first few months anyway.