Friday, January 22, 2010

GI Diet

So after talking to my awesome sissy in law, Aubrey, I have decided to adapt to the GI diet(glycemic index). I got a book about it by Rick Gallop and have decided to integrate it into my life. It just made sense. Its not really a diet, more of a change in the way I eat. Swap this for that, etc. not depriving myself of anything, more just adding more vegis and fruits into my diet etc. Plus its something I think I can stick too. Its close to that of a diabetics diet, watching my glucose levels etc. So far I like it. The only downfall is my coke. I LOVE coke and its loaded in sugar. Unfortunatly I hate diet coke so its not like I can just switch to that. I just have a history of diabetes in my family and if i keep eating the way I eat not only will I be about 500 lbs, but I'll end up with diabetes too. I will adapt the diet to fit to my own needs, but for the most part I've been on it a week and am already feeling better and more energized. Go me! Thanks Aubrey for the info!!

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{ bRee } said...

No problem Heather! We are getting nice an healthy - hurray! I have some new recipes I am going to try this next week, I will let you know how they are! What kind of things have you been eating? Lunch is my hardest one - argh!