Monday, January 25, 2010

When faced with Adversity

Recently I have been placed in a situation that I'm really unhappy with. As most of you know I work for my aunt at her gas station a couple days a week. Well we are short on hours there and the full time people are barely getting the hours they need as it is. Kathy called me and asked me if I would be willing to help out another store that is short on employees until they could hire someone. Needing money I agreed. First day at the new store I realized that I have a personality clash with the manager. I am someone who hates to be micromanaged and unfortunatly that is what is happening here. On top of it the guy doesnt seem to listen to anything anyone tells him. We have already had issues with scheduling. Then on Friday I went in to him telling me I am not longer my aunts employee, but rather his instead. BIG NO. The only reason I work for Holiday Oil is because I like working for my aunt. I called and spoke with her and she assured me that was not true and I was still her employee on loan for the month of February only. So I have decided to sit back and bite my tongue from now on. I'm not happy with where I'm working right now and would much rather work 1 day a week for my aunt and be comfortable in my working environment than the 3 days a week at this other store, however I know that it is just a temporary situation, regardless. If by the end of the month he hasnt hired new employees or I'm not working back at Kathy's store for some reason then I will just quit Holiday and find a new job. I love working for my aunt. I think she's a great manager and I'm used the way she runs things. She knows my needs as far as days I can and cant work as well as the hours I can and cant work with my babysitting situation. I hate Holiday and only work there for the chance to work for Kathy. I know that we are given adversiy and are often placed in situations that we dont like, are forced to work with people we dont get along with etc. I also know that I need to overcome my stubborn ways and take a step back for the next month and just do this. I know Kathy doesnt have the hours to give me right now, but that she doesnt want to lose me as an employee. I will sit back and hopefully in March she will have more hours to give me. until then I will grit my teeth and work at the other store. The bright side to all of this however is the store I am working at now is a store I used to work at before that Kathy previously managed so I know a lot of the regulars and I know the store itself, also its close to my inlaws so I do get to see them.

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{ bRee } said...

Sounds like a tough situation you are in Heather. But koodos to you for your good attitude! You can get through it, yes you can! YES YOU CAN!