Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Its Jordan Catalano...I mean Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars

when i was in Jr. High a tv show called My So-Called Life was on. It only lasted 13 episodes but has since become a cult favorite. It was canceled long before it should have been. It starred an unknown actor a the time named Jared Leto. Since then he has gone on to star in many othr movies such as Panic Room, Alexander, Fight Club, Urban Legend, etc. He also happens to front a band that he started with is brother called 30 Seconds to Mars. A Few weeks ago I got the pleasure of seeing them at the Rail Event Center in SLC with some awesome friends. We got right up to the front and even got to touch him after he jumped off of the stage. Now he looks a lot different than his days as Jordan Catalano, but he's still awesome. Smaller than he looks onscreen, but still awesome. It was a GREAT show. I got to crowd surf, mosh, etc let out some built up frusrations and pretend I was 18 all over again.

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