Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So far this summer

It's been a very busy summer so far for us and a long time since I've posted. We are in the process of buying a condo in Eagle Mountain. We've acutally been in the process for a couple months and had many headaches. In the meantime we have had to move in with Joe's parents since we had given our 30 days notice and our condo didnt close. Hopefully we will be closing this week or the first of next week. Its been really busy. I'm still working for kathy and am hoping that I will somehow be able to keep that up until Taylar gets into first grade. Let's see since I last posted I've had once sister in law get married and another one will be getting married in a week. My brother and sister in law moved to Arizona, Austin got more teeth and Taylar is just as wild as ever. Here are some pictures below of our summer so far.

Taylar got a swimming pool and bike for her birthday, just some of her many wonderful gifts. .
She hasnt quite figured out how to ride her bike yet though.

Swimming has become a favorite past time, too bad she wont go under the water. Makes swim lessons hard :)
me with some of my favorite friends, Lisa and Meghan at the Twilight: Eclipse movie on opening day
we went camping for my family reunion. Both kids were awesome at camping and slept all night.
The 24th BBQ at Aunt Kathy's
Taylar on our camping trip
Joey and I went to the Kings of Leon concert

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Cami and Dustin said...

You guys have been busy! Looks like you're having a good time :)

Hopefully you'll be able to get into your condo soon!!

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