Monday, November 1, 2010

Books, Music, Movies, and TV oh my!!!

P.S. I know this should technically be a post halloween picture post of my kids, but I dont have any pictures uploaded yet so thats coming soon.

 Thought I'd add a few things that I love that I'd recommend to other people:

First would be the above picture: The Guardians of Time Trilogy by Marianne Curley. I LOVE this Author. She wrote another book called Old Magic that I actually read first and loved. Then I found this book and my mom gave it to me for a birthday present. I LOVED it.
The basic premise of these books follows the Guardians of Time as they try to stop the Order from altering history for the evil Goddess Lathenia. Each book is set from two different characters POV. The first book, the named follows Ethan and Isabelle. It follows them as they travel through time to stop the order. They travel time while their physical bodies are asleep. The second book the dark follows Isabelle and Arkarian (the man that helps the new guardians). The third book follows Matt (Isabelle's brother) and Rochelle and concludes the series.
It doesnt seem like a book I would normally be interested in but Curley is a very descriptive writer and I really enjoyed her books. I wish she had more than just the 4.


 The Mary Poppins Medley. I've mentioned this in a previous post, but I love the medley that Jim Brickman has put together for Mary Poppins. It reminds me of my childhood and I LOVED it!!
Here is a link to the sample: Mary Poppins

 Taylar and I were lucky enough to be able to go see a free early screening of Disney's 50th movie. It was AWESOME!!! It kept Taylar entertained the entire time, something only UP has been able to do in the theatre. The music is good, the movie is good, its very cute. Plus its good for both boys and girls. The story of Rapunzel and her magical golden hair come to life in this great flick! The movie actually comes out on November 20th and I highly recommend it to anyone with kids, boy or girl.

so yes, The Vampire Diaries is on the CW and yes its a teen show and yes its about vampire, but its actually good. I like so many others have just had it with the vampire explosion since Twilight came into the picture (sad since I initially loved those books). I started watching this show from the beginning though and its really a good show. Unlike most shows when they go into their second season, TVD hasn't lost any steam. Every week is a good episode. Sure sometimes the acting isn't great, but its a CW show, what do you expect :)

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