Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Well January is over and...

January is over time to evaluate how I did on my goals:

I went to church every Sunday that was possible, minus this last one because I was sick and didn't think it would be responsible for me to go and be around everyone with my nasty cold. I didn't pay any tithing and I didn't read my scriptures at all.

I worked out atleast 3 days a week for 3 weeks. Some weeks I did 4 days and some 5. Plus I have been trying to eat healthier all month. I have cut out soda completely (which was really hard for me because I LOVE coke and still crave it everyday) I have tried to switch different food items for others and I have started keeping a weight loss journal.

I've tried to be better about playing with my kids for longer than just a few minutes. This I think has just made them extra clingy, lol. But I love it!

I only got one book in this month!! Yikes. That puts me a book and half behind in trying to meet my 30 books a year goal. I need to step it up and read more rather than watching pointless television when I get a free moment.

I seem to be busier than normal now. Its a little frustrating, I swear I have no free time for anything anymore. Hopefully I will get some free time soon!!

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Emily and TJ said...

No TV!!! Read!!! haha. It's ok though! I had the same problem. I finished 3 books in January, but it took me almost 2 1/2 weeks to finish one.