Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Book Worm

I am so proud of Taylar!!! I got a note from her preschool teacher a few weeks ago that said Taylar knew all of her letters and sounds and that she acted interested in learning to read. So she said with my permission she wanted to start teaching her to blend her sounds together so she could learn to read!!! We work on it at home a couple times a week, usually at bed time when she is reading her night time books and then they work on reading on thursdays at school. Today her teacher sent home a book for her to read. She is supposed to read it 6 times and then come back to school and pass it off. She has already mastered it and she got it today. She even saw the words from the book in other stories and remembered them!!! I got another book of hers, a level 1 reader, that she got for Christmas about Disney's Tangled off her book shelf. I asked if she wanted to try and read it and she was so excited and said yes. She did SO good. She mastered the word THE and remembered the word AND most of the time. Of course she recognizes the word Rapunzel because she has seen it on everything. When she got to a word she didn't know she was very patient and tried sounding it out. She still has a little trouble with blending the sounds together though. She takes pauses after each sound of each letter and has a hard time hearing the word, but she is even getting better at that. I'm not pushing her in anyway. She is so eager to learn to read, I love it. She asks me all the time if I can help her. She has always had a very deep love of books and used to spend hours in her room just looking at them, so I can't wait for her to be able to read a book by herself completely. Its such a cool thing to see her learning and to see her face light up when she reads a word like UP and then realize that she just read. Awesome!


Anonymous said...

How exciting!!! Before you know it, she will be asking you if she can borrow your Nook. lol

Aubrey said...

Hurray! Good job Tay! That is really awesome!