Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Here we Come.....AGAIN

I'm so excited, we're going to Disneyland again!!! We went in December for Christmas but it ended up raining A LOT the entire time we were there. Well my MIL wrote Disney an email and just said that she was disappointed that there weren't more accomidations for bad weather and made some suggestions about how they could add covered eating places and have more umbrella's etc and make it so that it could still be an enjoyable time, even in the rain. She wasn't mean or anything, just let them know that "hey, my family of 11 came for a wonderful christmas vacation and while we understand you can't control the weather, it would be more comforting given the amount of money spent if there would be more precautions taken for when there was rain etc." Anyway long story short, they sent us replacement tickets to be used before July 22nd (peak season starts then). So we are heading back to Disneyland in May!!

Hopefully this time the weather will be better for us. I'm excited to go again and excited to show the kids the parades etc. The only bad thing about this trip....Splash Mountain is closed for refurbishment during the week we are there. Its so sad :(

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Anonymous said...

Lucky!!! That is so awesome! Did you get 11 tickets?