Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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I swear one of these days my family will all be healthy again. My neck has not been hurting too much the last couple of days which is FANTASTIC! I'm starting to feel like myself again. I still have some trouble sleeping and still feel pain and a slight headache from time to time but its nothing like I was feeling.

The kids on the other hand have gotten my cough from which I injured myself to begin with. They are pretty much okay during the day. Austin has a slight runny nose and they both cough from time to time, but at night almost like clockwork they wake up at midnight crying and I have to calm them down. In fact I've become quite the story teller, ha ha. Taylar is obsessed with Angler Fish. She saw one on the Finding Nemo ride and when she sees something that scares her she becomes obsessed with it. So I made up a story of Paul the nice Anglerfish. She loved it so much she makes me tell it to her everynight so I ended up writing it down so that I could remember it. Next we made up a story about Elle the little Elephant who wanted to be a big circus star like her mom. Another one I need to write down because she is constantly asking me to tell it to her.

Miraculously Joey has yet to catch this nasty cough that we have all had. Hopefully he doesn't either. He has been so fantastic during all of this. Best husband and father of the year. With this VAD (vertebral arterial dissection) I'm constantly worried about what I'm feeling and if its something I should be concerned about. Everyone says to me to listen to my body because I'll know if something is wrong, but the problem is there IS something wrong and I don't know what the normal feeling for what is wrong is. He's been very patient with me. This also makes me unbelievably tired. I haven't been this tired since I was pregnant (which thanks to countless blood tests and screenings before all of my hospital tests I know I'm NOT). On the weekends he has let me sleep while he has taken care of the kids, etc. I'm so incredibly grateful to him.

This Saturday is the race for the cure. I'm still participating. I will probably walk a lot more than I had originally planned on doing because jogging with this makes me light headed because I'm already not getting as much blood flow to my brain because the artery has to work harder to get it there. I plan on just putting on my headphones, getting lost in my music and running/walking along with my thoughts. Only thing I'm not excited for is waking up really early on Saturday morning.

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