Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My World

My baby girl is the cutest thing in the entire world. I think she is the funniest person I have ever met. She makes me laugh constantly on a daily basis. So I thought I'd share 10 fun facts about my beautiful Taylar Ann.


1. {She loves to sing Happy Birthday. It comes out as "Happy Tay Tay You...monkey". (We do the "You look like a monkey and smell like one too" version )}

2. {when she hasn't spoken for a while, she will list people's names she knows: Auby (aubrey) Cayin (caitlyn) curis (curtis) richard, Anea (andera) amy Dosh (josh) bampa (grandpa) grandma gratama (grandma tamara) she will say the list over and over again and include mommy and daddy in there too. She also likes to call her daddy Doey (Joey)}

3. {She LOOOOOOOOOOOVES Bubbles. Her favorite thing in the whole world are Bubble Baths. When she goes to her grandma Kathy's house, first thing she does is run and grab a chair and pull it to the sink to play with the dish bubbles}

4. {Her favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and she sings along with the theme song, naming each character, her favorite is Donald, just like her mom :) She also loves the Hot Dog song and dances to it. Other favorite shows include: Tigger Pooh (my friends tigger and pooh) Einsteins (Little Einsteins) an Manny (handy Manny), Bops (doodlebops, much to my dismay)}

5. {If you ask her to say Macaroni, she automatically responds saying "and cheese"}

6. {She loves to add the word 'Much' after saying: her favorites are 'Thank you Much' and 'miss you much'}

7. {She has a blanket named...Blanket, lol. She takes it everywhere with her}

8. {When she sees my bed she runs to it and says 'oh no' because when she was a little bit younger, her daddy would hold her over the bed and act like he couldn't' hold her and drop her lightly onto the bed saying 'oh no' its one of her favorite games"}

9. {favorite phrases are: 'what's that' 'where is she' 'there you are'. she says the last two about everything and everyone, she says it for people both men and women, and she says it for objects too, for example " where is she" " oh there you are"}

10. {loves to put her fingers in her ears and talk to hear how funny it sounds}

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Aubrey said...

So cute! I will always love the macaroni and cheese one!

How did the finger paints go?