Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I always love my daughter, but sometimes I don't like her

Is it bad to say that about my own flesh and blood? I love her more than my own life, I really do. I sometimes however don't like her so much. The last 2 nights she has been horrendous in getting to bed and today at nap time it was like WW3 broke out. The worst part is she knows how to play me like a fiddle and at nighttime I'm so tired I just give in to her. Today at naptime I almost gave it, I started to, but then held back. Currently she is in her room screaming her lungs out and I am sitting here writing this with my headphones blasting in my ear so I don't have to hear her. If I make it through the toddler years it will be a miracle.

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chellekay said...

I right here with you on this one. Gwen adn Gilbert both think it is funny when I am mad. But they give the best hugs when I am crying