Monday, October 13, 2008

New Cars

Joey and I bought a new (used) car. This picture isn't OUR car, but it looks the same. His grandpa decided to sell his 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada because he had just bought a brand new Ford Edge. Its in great condition. They were the first owners and didn't drive around all that much. It has 56K milkes on it. Not bad for being 8 years old. Its super clean and has been very well maintained. It has black leather seats, tinted windows (this makes me happy cause I won't have to hear taylar complain about the sun anymore), plus a tape and cd deck like in my corolla. Joey is now going to drive the corolla and I am going to drive the bravada since it will give me more room for taylar and her stroller and other things. I'm very excited. We will get it on wednesday. It needed a tune up and some other stuff as well as immessions and inspections done on it. Joe's grandpa just wanted to make sure everything was in complete working order before we bought it, which is awesome. I know we are not buying a piece of junk. The best part it, we are buying it for only $3000! I can't wait. I know its not a new car and not one of those brands that keep their resale value (hence why we are getting to buy it so cheap), But its much better than Joey's truck which is pretty much ready to go to truck heaven, and it will be nice to have more room and two cars that are car seat worthy.

Speaking of Carseats. We moved taylar into a new carseat. It uses the actual seatbelt instead of carseat straps. I can't believe she is that big already. She was getting too big for her other one, especially with a coat on. So we figured it was time to switch.


Jan Parrish said...

Hi Heather-

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words. I hope you'll stop by again.

Congratulations on your new vehicle. Sounds like a wonderful deal. I pray you'll have many happy and safe miles. :)

Tulsi said...

Wow. You got a steal with the millage and the price. We lucked into a great deal with my son's Honda Passport. But he sold it in Feb. for better gas millage. It's nice to purchase from people that you trust. That is pretty cool.

EmmaP said...

awesome buy on the new car! i bought a vehicle from my parents a few years back and it was the best deal ever! (my dad was getting a company car, and my mom had hers, so they didn't need the other. nice thing was is that they were the first owners.)

thanks for stopping by my blog today. hope you like the strawberry lemonade cake. My kids LOVE it!!!