Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I was tagged by Erin.

Tag You're it!!!
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8 Favorite TV shows
1. The Office
2. Lost
3. Gossip Girl
4. the Soup
5. Most of the countdown stuff on VH1
6. Scrubs
7. ER
8. E!News

8 Things I did yesterday
1. Potty Trained Taylar
2. Went to the store
3. Cooked Dinner
4. played on facebook
5. Updated blog a blog entry
6. Watched Gossip Girl
7. Cleaned
8. Slept

8 Things I look forward to
1. Having a baby
2. Spring
3. Taylar turning 3
4. Hopefully going to Denver to see my mom
5. Getting my finances in order
6. Getting in Shape
7. Taylar being potty trained
8. Getting Taylar a big girl twin bed

8 Favorite Restaraunts
1. La Frontera
2. Olive Garden
3. Robintinos
4. Jimmy Johns
5. Noodles and company
6. Chilis
7. Macaroni Grill
8. Suheros

8 Things on my wish-list
1. Have a healthy baby
2. Taylar being potty trained
3. Joey have job security (financial stability)
4. Cheaper health insurance
5. Go visit my mom
6. Have a 3 bedroom place
7. not having heartburn
8. My family to be happy and healthy and be able to be with those they love

8 People I tag
1. Michelle
2. Aubrey
3. Melissa
4. Sarah
5. Tamara
6. Karie
7. Mary
8. Meghan


Erin & Erik Beebe said...

I am working towards getting my body healthy before we have a baby!! So we are not sure when yet maybe the end of this year or next. Who knows I might change my mind and try sooner :)

Meghan N Brady said...

Are you pregnant!?!

chellekay said...

thanks I will do this tomrrow!

Meghan N Brady said...

Haha looks like you got it on there! Oh but it really is so good, and I have not been there in sooo long... sad, we should go