Saturday, October 16, 2010


So its 1 am and I cant sleep because I've been up reading and my mind has been going rampant with the ending of my second book finished in 3 days (Catching Fire, book 2 of the Hunger Games just in case you were curious). I turn on the tv to one of my favorite late night fav's, Unwrapped on Food Network. And what an awesome topic it is tonight, Bacon. I LOVE Bacon. One of the places they visited was the AWESOME Archie McPhee's . Their bacon stuff aside, this website is a gem of odd ball things. I enjoyed browsing their sight very much. I mean who on earth wouldnt want to try pickle flavored dental floss while sporting a pancake shaped wallet after bathing with your bacon scented soap?


{ bRee } said...

WOW! I gotta get me those Hunger Games books!

I am looking forward to perusing this Archie McPhee's! I love sites like that, there was one I used to go to all the time and I cannot remember what it was called. They had all that kind of stuff, I loved it so....

Heather said...

oh my gosh Aubrey you REALLY do need to read the Hunger Games books. I still have the last one to go, but I'm dying to read it. I am going to wait till I read one of the other books I've got set aside so I can build up even more anticipation. They're very good.

I loved the Archie McPhee Sight. We got Richard some stuff from there for his birthday